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Filter Recycling

WDS realises that Oil & Air filters are a significant source of industrial waste and should be recycled to recover oil, metal and contaminants such as lead, dioxins and benzene in the pursuit of a clean and safe environment.

Incorrect disposal can harm the land, waterways, underground reservoirs and the marine environment.

WDS has custom built a Filter Crusher, so we can recycle used filters by separating the metal from the oil and contaminants. Best practice management of oil & fuel filter waste involves the use of a mechanical crusher to remove and recover most of the oil they contain. The free oil removed (roughly 20ltrs per 205ltr drum) this is contained, managed, stored then passed on for reprocessing. Drained and mechanically crushed oil filters are then classified as solid waste and will be accepted by most metal recyclers.

For just $100.00 + GST - WDS offer a service of supplying approved 205 litre drums for your filters, once fill we will pick ap and deliver empty bin and crush the filters.

Startup Special – Start filter recycling and we will give you 50% off your first drum – that’s only $50.00 (+GST)


In keeping with our commitment to  the environment we also upcycle 205ltr drums into incinerators – these can be purchased for just $40.00